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We are two Angry Sunflowers. Despite of the name we are not angry at all ;) Only anger we have is our concern about environment that we live in and amount of damage human kind make to it. They say one person cannot change anything but we are two angry Sunflowers that believe anyone can … So here we are with ours Eco-friendly organic products.

All our products are made by hand, with care for detail; starting from the selection of the best materials, carefully designed illustrations by us, by precise printing with non-toxic watercolours and elegant packaging. Our products are packed in cardboard box with our company logo, wrapped in Eco-friendly tissue paper. We hope that unpacking our products will be a pleasure for you.

To make these products we put our whole heart into it, because customer satisfaction is most important for us.
We want our products to be different from others, we want you to have joy from the products the moment you receive it, to the moment when you are using it.

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